THE HISTORY OF ST. AUGUSTINE'S COLLEGE DU [DSC_0035.jpg(edited)] The Order of St. Augustine (with its members known as Augustinians) is a Catholic Religious Order or Congregation which was formally constituted in the 13th century and combined of several previous Augustinians in the monastic tradition into one. The Order has done much to extend the influence of the church, to propagate the Roman Catholic Faith and to advance learning. It is in the light of this, St. Augustine's College New Karu came into existence in September 2009. It is a co-educational institution, owned and run by the Augustinian Fathers of the Province of Nigeria. It was to take care of all facets of human development. And the resulting outcome, inferred from internal and external examination and the general life of students have been impressive.

In a bid to diversify the educational projects of the order in general and the Province of Nigeria in particular, the Prior Provincial Very Rev. Fr. John Abubakar, OSA, established St. Augustine’s College Du to further promote and share the Augustinian Educational Ethos and to provide the best in holistic education; most especially in the character formation and academic excellence of Nigerian teenagers, providing them with solid foundation for the future. The College is situated at Dwei, Du, Jos South LGA, Plateau State.

It was officially commissioned by The Prior General Order of St. Augustine, Most Rev. Alejandro Moral Anton, OSA on the 9th September, 2016. In the presence of the commissioner for Education Hon. Joseph Mairiga and the Commissioner for Lands and Survey Hon. Festus Fuanter and other dignitaries from within and outside Plateau state. St. Augustine’s College Du is impressive in vision and architectural design; located in a safe and serene environment to enhance studies and intellectual development. St. Augustine was a great and wonderful teacher. He believed education is for people with first names and last names, with virtues and faults, with needs and values. He strongly believes that education has an immense impact on the human society. He is of the opinion that a person is not in his proper sense until he is educated.

It is no surprise then that those who profess his inspirations are committed to teaching and educating at all levels. In fact, one third of all Augustinian Fathers are involved in this noble Apostolate. Education trains the human mind to think and take the right decision. Training in love aims to bring the person to a state of personal wholeness, and it creates an academic society of friendship and mutual cooperation. Rev. Fr. Simon Ogbanje OSA was the appointed first principal of the College and is still the principal of the College.